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Joe's Jeans

::Get in my pants!::

Whoa. Where you going in those pants?
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About little sparkly eyed Joseph Fiennes and the spiffy jeans he wore at the Toronto International Film Festival 2004.

Yeah, so mostly about him, since we do not actually hold our breaths for much updates on the pants.

If, someone wanted to, say, contact the man's agent though, to ask whether we can reasonably expect the pants to go solo, do broadway or the like, no one's holding you back. ;)

Please note, that all of the future picture posts will be friends only, so be sure to join the community rather than just to add it to your friends list.

Quick rules, eh?
*Post pictures. Joseph. Jeans or sans jeans. Though I do prefer the sans idea.
*Get yourself a Joseph jeans icon. But that's more doing yourself a favor than me.
*And looksee the affiliated communities because they're all born from the same weekend and love for Joseph Fiennes, Geoffy Rush and Michael Sexpot Caine. Go. Now.

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